Desarrollo obras y proyectos

project management

Company specialized in Project Management, we cover an integrated project management to carry out the global process of your project.

– Search for plots and economic study.
– Selection of architect and engineers to develop the project design in all their phases.
– Select the construction companies that are appropriate for the project requirements and needs.
– Obtaining the licenses and all permits necessary for an appropriate project development and its final legalization.

¿Why contracted a Project Management service?
– Develop a real estate projects without a long duration contract with a technical team.
– Ensure the investment with an adequate risk analysis that allows an early taking key decisions in your project to secured deadlines, costs and quality.


This service serves to carry out a strict control of a real estate promotion in all its phases:

-Analysis of blueprint and execution project.
-Control of construction works progress according to the budget, planning and objectives.
-Legalization of the property development and obtainment of all permissions.
-Urban verification and current conditions report of the property to buy.

Estudio viabilidad económica

construction management

Construction project management on site, dealing with multiple specialized contractors hire by the promoter.


Technical Report, Due Diligence.
Assessment realized on the real estate product of investment, with the aim to obtain all the information necessary to do a decision-making without risks.

Property valuations.
Valuation of land and any type of real estate product for a mortgage purpose according to ECO / 805/2003 law and any other purpose as a valuation for wealth, inheritance, divorces, etc.

Market research and economic viability report.

Project management.